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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 2, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> thanks for joining us. the top stories we're following this morning. president barack obama heads back to hawaii. the house approved a measure passed by the senate that keeps the country from going over the fiscal cliff. we will have details coming up. >> the bay area is waking up to cold temperatures this morning. we will have team coverage all around the bay area this morning. >> we are at 28 degrees and
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san rafael. we have been around this number for the past hour. we did start out at 26 degrees. we did he go for about two degrees. a lot of people are headed back to work this morning and that will have to use their ice scrapers. the offer is one in that you talked about as an affect on tel 9:00 a.m.. >> you will need your scarf and some hot cocoa. there is no wood and burning allowed today. we are at 27 degrees
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in fairfield. we are same low 40's for the east shore line. redwood city is waking up to temperatures of the upper 30's. we do have winter weather advisories through 9:00 a.m.. as we head into afternoon the temperatures will be a little bit warmer that yesterday. i will break down the numbers and talk about the extended forecast coming up. >> more now on the developing news this morning. will tran is in the inland valleys. >> just as i predicted it is can colder as someone ammo's a lot. at it went from 33 degrees and right now it is at 32 degrees. let me get out of my car and show you just how cold it is. these are cars are parked outside.
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a few of them that have been out over my are covered with frost over their windshields. you concede the crystal from his windshield. i had a chance to talk to a man hole was about to hop into the bart station and he stated that he had to scrape his windshield and it took him a little bit of time. if you could see all the water there ran office park. if you do need to warm up your car this is a reminder for you not to let it warm-up what you are inside of your house. these are greatest for peace. uses it in your car what you want a. >>
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>> if this is the first day back to work for some people. we are starting to see if things back up a little bit at the toll plaza. if the metering lights are 15 to 20 minutes being activated. this is a return to normal and it is slow traffic for interstate 580 in the westbound direction. we are also tracking a problem in hayward. here's a look at the right on highway 880 at the mimic freeway. there was a report of some flooding earlier and i will go live for more. >> developing story this morning. crews are on the sting of a water main break
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in hayward. it is at the intersection of jackson and santa clara. if to get you more new is faster we will turn to mike pelton. >> the water continues to flood the intersection perry ed uc some of the through traffic is still able to come through. the officers do have a few lines that are open. road flares and officers are on the same. they stated that this broke out about 3:30 a.m.. they hope to have the water shut off within the next hour to 45 minutes. they stated that this does not mean that this road will open back up. >> congress has nearly avoided a fiscal cliff. the republican-led house of representatives agreed on a compromise late last night. if less than 24 hours after the deal was passed by the
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senate. if the final house vote was 257 to 167, with 85 republicans joining democrats. the vote capped off weeks of back and forth between chambers. president obama praised the compromise, saying that he does not want a repeat of the bickering in future negotiations. >> the bill case and come taxes the same for everyone except individuals making $400,000 a year or more. it also delays automatic spending cuts in defense and government programs for two months. it extends long term unemployment benefits that were set to expire. the measure head to president obama, who has promised to sign it. he left immediately after commending on of the house vote, to rejoin his family in hawaii. >> our coverage of this
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fiscal cliff agreement will continue throughout the morning. essex 30 a.m. we will carry opening bell alive, as a big rally is expected after the deal. then at 6:45 a.m. kron 4 financial expert rob black will join us on said as we watched stocks on this first day of the trading week. and later in the morning at 8:45 a.m. kron4 political analyst michael e. jockey will join us in the studio. he will have inside on the politics of late last night's agreement. >> here is a live look
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outside and san mateo. is just 33 degrees. once we get through the cold start it will be a pretty nice day. >> we will be right back.
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>> will come back. u.s. stock market futures are moving sharply higher this morning, as the first trading day of the year kicks off with news of a last-minute deal by lawmakers to avert the fiscal cliff. wall street is expected to rally on the heels of similar activities overseas, which york and asia stocks sharply higher after last month's agreement. the market reaction is expected to be of be, at least initially. away from the fiscal cliff, a handful of data will keep traders occupied. we will be getting new data from institut 4 suppled management, and november construction spending data. >> new this morning, rental car companies avis is bind zip car for more than $490 million. this will expand its business to include cars sharing services. avis will
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play 12-25 per share which is a 49% premium to the company's closing price from friday. the companies put the total value of the deal at approximately $500 million. if is a car shareholders approve the deal, it is expected to close in the spring. >> we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. at the bay area air quality management district has called a another " spare the air " day to day. bad weather predictions are to blame. it is illegal to burn wood inside or outside, manufactured fire logs, and any other solid field. yesterday marked the first spare on the air date of the new year. the winter spare their season runs through november 1st until february 28th. >> this is the coldest morning of the season take a look at the numbers. as they continued to drop. santa rosa is at 28 degrees. it is
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29 degrees for pleasanton and concord. if they are at the freezing mark in sunnyvale. it is clear conditions and there are no issues with a visibility. we do have a freeze won an affect and a frost advisory to 9:00 a.m.. you may need to scrape off your windshields as you had to work or school. >> the temperatures will still be warmer than yesterday. as we head into the evening hours we will see an increase in cloud cover. the national weather service is still debating whether they will issue a another freeze morning for tonight heading into tomorrow morning. regardless, the temperatures will be slightly warmer. here is your satellite and radar perspective. we do have rigid in a current over the area. this may set the skies will continue to be
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clear and that the storm will stay towards the north. >> we do have a light rain in the forecast for sunday. here is your future cast 4. 8:00 a.m. the sun will be out and we still will be contending with 30's. we are same low 40's around the heart of the bay area. as we set the clock in motion by lunchtime we will finally see some 50s. we will continue to gain more degrees as we head into afternoon. oakland will be at 55 degrees and the same thing goes for hayward. conditions will be warmer than yesterday and sandals that may rise to 57 degrees. >> if you are going to tahoe i did check with
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caltran and there are no chain restrictions an affect. they do have very isolated freezing fog and we will see plenty of sunshine for the next three days. if the temperatures will be the upper 30's. it will get really cold for the overnight and the temperatures and i will bill runs several degrees. >> it will be mild weather and a range chance for sunday. this chance may be minimum. it >> while we have seen a return of congestion in the area we have not san a return of the metering lights. if this is now the time that they typically are activated perez so far, no meter relies have been activated. the san mateo bridge on 92 looks good and it is usually busy during
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the 7:00 a.m. hour. your ride to the golden gate bridge still looks pretty good and it actually is pretty light. as we look at the traffic maps we still see that the drive times are great. if we have not had no more than a minute or two from hercules to berkeley. it is set at about 14 minutes. >> while there is some slowing on an estate 580 they actually do not have much. the south bay freeway is still lie with no delays. we're not looking at it is slow traffic for the north bay ride on 1 01 southbound. >> your tax rates will not go up under the fiscal cliff. but your paychecks will be smaller. if you are making and $30,000 a year, you will pay more about $50
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a month in taxes. if you are earning 50,000 a year, you will contribute about $83 more a month. if if you make $113,700 a year, you will pay an extra $189.50 a month in taxes. off the payroll tax increase funds social security off with the rate going from 4.2% back up to 6.2%. >> in sacramento new details of the two people were shot and killed at an old sacramento area bar on new year's eve. police identified carlito montoya as a suspect connected to the deadly shooting at an old sacramento. off the 22 year-old is in police custody at a hospital where he is being treated for gunshot wounds. when employees tried to break up the fight, he was sought, as were the woman and another
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man. the man, 35, and the employee who was in his 20s died at the scene after they suffered multiple gunshot wounds. the armed suspect ran out of the bar toward a street crowd with holiday revelers but was caught quickly by police. >> fairfield police say that they are wrapping up a crackdown on prostitution over the new year's eve weekend. they use several teams including the dank and narcotics unit. the website that was used to contact prostitutes and clients. 36 people were arrested. >> san francisco police are searching for two men who stole we expect from a store and post a 75 year-old woman and the head after she confronted them. the woman refused medical treatment. the suspects were described as being between 25 and 30 years old. >> new court documents show
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>> welcome back. the stanford cardinals are rose bowl champions for the first time in 40 years. everything was coming up roses for the cardinals in pasadena. for the second year coach david shaw, the team's performance was just what he expected. for the past 12 can be in carnots it is the their first rose bowl since 1972. >> we knew that this would
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be a battle for us. we at would not have expected it to happen any other way. we know it was gonna be very close. >> the mayor of palo alto now has brandon rice after the stanford card know it's one and the rose bowl. had the cardinals lost, mayor yiaway yeh would have been forced to don a badger's cap at a city council meeting, slide the team's flag for a day and plant a tree in the winner's honor. this was part of a friendly wager he met with the mayor of madison, wisconsin paul soglin. soglin will have to do all those things now. >> the dow is up by 200.
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will have more on the fiscal cliff coming up. will be right back.
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>> live looks as we bring in the nasdaq nyse-listed tax rates will be going up on most americans and our futures are soaring futures. futures were up over 2 percent over 200 point ahead of the opening bell. the nasdaq future is up over 2.2 percent right now. we're waiting for the first numbers to pop up on wall street and we'll bring in three huge hit with three out the morning. i'm stalling to get the opening numbers.
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>> that is the reason wall street a soaring today. the house of representatives approving a measure that was approved in the senate to avoid the fiscal cliff. taxes one up on most americans. the bush era tax cuts will make over four $400,000 a year. spending cuts were not addressed. there is another big showdown coming up on capitol hill dealing with the debt ceiling and the u.s. is officially out of money right now. the treasury secretary says they will make some movements of money around so we will not be in danger of default until february. the next big battle coming up in washington next month. many
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in washington saying the deal did not go far enough. >> this and that the president and vice president failed to make their own stated obligation which was to bring up a balanced bill that had tax adjustments and spending cuts. this one failed, in fact it fails badly. >> this is a bill that prevents 9 percent of americans taxes from going up. >> we have a lot of work to do in 2013. >> they kept taxes from going out on most americans but did not solve any real budget issues. h >> continuing our coverage of the cold temperatures, will tran is in the bay area and tells us just how cold it is right now. >> i am at the concord bart station where the
6:34 am
temperature is about 22 degrees. the but showing up absolutely freezing. the cars that are parked here over night, frost on all the windshields, you get the picture. you can see my breath and see how cold it is. it is not just me, other people are talking about the cold this morning. >> is so cold. >> were you surprised? the news that it was going to be called this morning but when you stepped out were you surprised are ready to go? >> surprised. >> i did not listen to the news at all last night so i was completely surprise coming out this morning. >> even with three layers? >> even with three layers. >> so you left the house a little bit later than you have now and the cold just from the door made to go back and get more sweaters?
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>> absolutely. i opened the door and i had my jacket and my formal shirt and said this is not enough. the turmoil at the bottom, thermal at the top, a sweatshirt on top of that, jacket on top of that. >> and just how cold was it where you live this wednesday morning? >> it is certainly cold with temperatures in the '20s and a lot of our spots. we have a freezing warning in effect for the north bay valleys and mountains. temperatures are below freezing for the next couple of hours. you may encounter icy wind chill and irt shares live shots of that. black ice is a big possibility. it will start to warm as we head into the afternoon. 42 in
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san francisco and san jose at 34 degrees. 29 waking up in concord, 36 in san carlo. it is the coldest morning of the season yet. i will have a full look at your numbers coming up in my next report. >> we are seeing a little more traffic than we have for the last week. the metering lights have been active for the first times in a week and we're seeing a little slow traffic on highway 4 and interstate 580. still a much lighter than usual drive for all areas of the bay. faster drive times he would see on a normal commute day as well. >> and hayward we're on the scene of a water main break on jackson and santa clara. mike pelton is on the scene. >> you can see on your
6:37 am
screen the mess that is causing for crews out here this morning. there are a lot of flashing lights and crews have shut down lanes on jackson streets as well as turn lanes on santa clara. this could back up the trackffic. water was willing on to the roadway which we're still trying to deal with right now. they are trying to turn the water off at the intersection and bring in a special tool that will help force close the valves. they will be able to determine from that what the problem is. they don't know if seats well as pipe burst or if it is a valve problem. once they use the special tool we will be able to determine exactly what that problem is. that does not mean that this intersection will fully agree open it sound. crews will have to go and and figure out what every parent it is. they
6:38 am
should have the water turned off of the next half-hour to 45 minutes and of course we will keep you posted. >> we will keep an eye on the situation in hayward this morning. >> we have video of a deadly crash this happened just seconds after the crash. two people were killed yesterday morning after a driver crashed into a liquor store. this all happen after police pulled over the driver of this black car. shots were fired near the valencia gardens public housing complex and the card fit the description. as officers walked over, he sped off. things are looking pretty good after the news of the fiscal cliff merely being avoided. here's a look at the dow joins just up at 228 points. now at 13,333 in the
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market's just opened seven minutes ago. we will be right back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> survivors from the weekend bus crash on an oregon highway are collecting their passports they can return home to canada and canada. police officers allow people to pick up their belongings with a strong across the hillside. the door was crossed out crashed on an icy road on sunday. the red cross says a lot of the survivors are afraid to get on another bus so a nearby car dealer offered vehicles for the drive home. at least 14 people are still hospitalized in three states and the crash killed nine and injured 38 others. >> prosecutors and defense
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lawyers in colorado's bidders shooting case are heading back to court today ahead of crucial hearings. the judge was make sure everything is ready for next week's preliminary hearing for gunman james holmes. he is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 74 colorado theaters in july. the judge will decide if there's enough evidence to put him on trial while he has yet not yet entered a plea. the lawyers have said he suffers from mental illness. >> we will speak on the fiscal cliff with our financial expert rob black coming up after t >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card, she bought some gas... and an all-expense-paid trip
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that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> the time is 6:45 a.m. and top stories we are following is congress nearly avoided the fiscal cliff. the republican-led house of representatives agreed to compromise late last night less than 24 hours after the
6:47 am
deal pass the senate. president obama now returning to hawaii today to rejoin his family. a water main break in hayward has cost of road closers. was the intersection of jackson and santa clara and we will have another live report coming at the top of the hour. a freeze warning is in effect for north bay interior valleys this morning until 9:00. this impacts our outdoor plants and pats. the freeze warning means temperatures are at or below 28 degrees for more it for two hours in the area. >> watching wall street with rob black and the dow industrial is soaring. the big deal, or is it a deal? they said they kept the taxes from rising on most americans but they did not get that much
6:48 am
>> on every american with a job. 2%. people who make $400,000 to make biand live in g cities is going to come back up the next 60 days. wall street will freak out like they did this time. i keep telling you to buy the market. we had europe going crazy. by these markets. >> should people buy stocks or general funds? >> backed the average person's 401k perr. 10 to 50 percent of every paycheck
6:49 am
-- 10 to 15% >> the amb was fixed so that should not be a problem going ahead in the future. there was some good with this but there are probably be another big drop in the market. >> it will be a nasty 60 days. i say it favored the democrats and the president. the next 60 days and very should at benefit entitlement cuts. >> it seems like the u.s. economy could be in for some smooth sailing this year. 2013 should be a year of good growth for the united states. >> does that stop someone
6:50 am
from hiring someone else? unemployment is still high but the fed is still printing money. we had an up year and unless there is a curve ball we don't see we've got a shot. >> the time is 6:49 a.m. and it is very cold out there. we have freeze warnings and the facts and erica has a look at our weather, good morning. >> good morning and those advisories' will expire at 9 this morning. in the meantime it will be a cold one. it is a spare the air base the you cannot what burned either. 29 of your waking up and napa and vallejo want to cross the tunnel at looks like we're seeing 29 and concord and 29 as well and pleasanton. 28 and have monday in bay city is working up to 39 degree
6:51 am
readings. into the afternoon plenty of '50s to go round with temperatures slightly warmer than yesterday. san jose climbing to 57 and 56 in mountain view. the east bay we saw some upper 40's here and today low 50s. 52 for pleasanton and 53 expected in concord. low 50s and the forecast for the north bay 53 expected in berkeley. satellite and radar shore high pressure enriching is an tarry over the west coast. some clouds that bring to into a dying system. we may see some showers on thursday, potentially saturday but that is not the case anymore. light sprinkles as we head into arsenate and
6:52 am
dry conditions as we start the next work week. the snowbound .com ski report looks like no chain restrictions and of fact. sierra at tahoe a base of 59 to 103 in. and squaw valley is reporting a base of 63 to 121 in.. >> we're not looking at a full return to normal traffic flow. the bay bridge toll plaza even with the metering lights active we do not have a very big back up at all in the westbound direction. no delays to the traffic. it's a little sluggish on the incline but we have been incident free. on the san mateo bridge highway 92 is a smooth ride and we do not see any change in the 11 minute drive time yet. the ride to the golden gate bridge also looks good,
6:53 am
and lighter than usual. there is an accident in hayward on the nimitz freeway. this is 880 southbound. it is reported as a multi vehicle accident but because of the traffic being light it has not created much of the back up. it is only added three or four minutes to the commute time. give yourself an extra five minutes even though it is a multicar crash is confined to the right-hand lane. >> when kids in san francisco return to school next week they'll be getting healthier lunches. revolution's food will be serving meals prepared by says that will not have high fructose corn syrup and nothing bad is dried or frozen. the meals will be made 24 hours before they are served. revolution has been among the fastest- growing urban companies serving more than 200,000 meals every day the children in private, public and nonprofit school programs.
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so no more french fries and beats up? i used to love that when i was in school! --pizza >> is 36 degrees right now, a chilly start but we will climb into the 50s today.
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>> the dow industrial average is over 2 percent right now. the numbers is that 13,367. we will keep our eyes on the morning market saw. a new deal reached and wall street with the fiscal cliff.
6:58 am
the chp is reporting it made 208 d u i arrests are the holiday weekend in the bay area. that is the same amount compared to the same period last year. fed a collisions are down there is only one fatal collision in the bay area this year. chp arrested more than 500 drivers on suspicion of the wire over the past four days and that is down three arrest during the same enforcement. last year. >> usa today has unveiled the top five travel trends to look out for in 2013. number one and expect to pay more for your plane tickets. or at the very best the plan on getting any great deals. to, you are going to pay more money and fees like checked bags, hotel stays and rental car extras. 3, more airlines are joining forces so there'll be less competition. number four, up look for gas prices to drop. number five, you are going seymour protection from the
6:59 am
transportation department in terms of transparency and airline ticket pricing and contracts. >> we will have a live update from mike belts and on the water main break coming up after the break. also, gary radnich is back and we will talk about stanford's big win.